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DIBt-Zulassungsnummer: Nr. Z-157.10-92

IRSA HP-Oil High-Protection

IRSA HP-OIL High Protection is universally applicable for hard-, soft-, or exotic indoor woods subjected to normal or very tough wear, e.g. parquet, OSB boards, halls, industrial parquet, wood block, stairs, furniture, sill plates, shelves, window sills, also suitable for cork, bamboo or cotto (testing advisable).

With IRSA HP-OIL High Protection (colorless) the colour of the wood only gets slightly intensified.

According to the absorptive capacity of the wood apply 1 -2 thin coats (about 60 g/m2) of IRSA HP-OIL High- Protection until the wood is completely saturated. (Interim drying time 12 hrs).

Polish away any possible excess HP-OIL High-Protection so that the surface is residue-free.

Curing time is approx. 6 days. If desired then a waxing can be carried out.

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Products for application areas: Holzdecks

IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 Outdoor

IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 Outdoor is most suitable for the removal of moos and algae infestation to avoid new infestation and as preparation for the use of IRSA Wood Refresher or the subsequent oil treatment.
The natural greying is left on manual cleaning (e.g. with a root brush/scrubbing brush) with IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 Outdoor. When using IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 Outdoor by machine (e.g. with coordinated patio cleaning machine with brushes), cleaning is particularly thorough. H319 Causes serious eye irritation

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    IRSA Exotic Wood Oil (light dark-brown) + IRSA Wood Oil (different colours)

    IRSA Exotic Wood Oil protects exotic wood (e.g. Bangkirai, Ipe, Iroko, Mahagony, Meranti, Nyatoh, Jarrah, Belinga) and is also suitable for Douglasie, Robinie, Larch and Ceder. IRSA Wood Oil has the same basis but has different colour tones. IRSA Exotic Wood Oil and IRSA Wood Oil contain of resistant, weather-resistant oils and micro-fine pigments. In this process, UV-rays are effectively blocked and protect wood against destruction. Both oils are fee of poisonous substances and are odourless after drying.
    IRSA Exotic Wood Oil emphasizes on the colour tones of the exotic wood – no strong change in wood colour tone occurs. The product hardly forms films, so that excellent stressability is given – especially in terrace floors (hardly film formation, so no abrasion). The surface has open pores, is breathable and follow-up application can be partially and easily carried out without interim sanding.
    IRSA Wood Oil is available in the colours colourless, white, blue grey, light grey, warm grey, dark grey, tabacco brown, rust red, dark green, larch.
    Areas of use:
    For exotic wood and native wood outdoors, such as wooden decks, carports and garden furnitures.
    Contains cobaltbis(2-ethyl hexanoate). Can evoke allergic reactions.
    For further information:

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    IRSA Wood Refresher

    for the cleaning and brightening of greyed wood outdoors and to sustain a lasting lightening in the wood colour.
    IRSA Wood Refresher is a highly effective special product for the cleaning and brightening of wood outdoors (wooden decking, terraces and wooden facades as well as others) that has gone grey because of the effects of the sun and weathering.

    Apply a coat of IRSA Wood Refresher onto the wet surface and, using a hard, coarse scrubbing brush, rub into the wood in the direction of the grain. Leave on for approx 15 minutes and then remove dirt, product etc with a hard brush and plenty of water. After cleaning-off the IRSA Wood Refresher thoroughly and drying-off the surface, which is now very fresh again in appearance, protect the wood permanently by coating with IRSA (Exotic) Wood Oil or IRSA Oil Resin Impregnator.

    According to degree of greyness use 1 litre for approx 10-50 m² (for 1 m² between 20-100 ml).

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