Building Varnish

IRSA Concrete Coatings

IRSA Platinum 6000 PU Siegel (PU Sealer)/IRSA Platinum ISO-Härter (Platinum ISO Hardener), silky-mat or ultra-mat

Long-term protection for cement-bound and mineral soils, for normal to very heavy stress. The highly hard-wearing sealing film is characterized by excellent elasticity, adhesion and high chemical resistance (e.g. to common alcoholic disinfectants). Total consumption min. 240 g/ m2 (max. 360 m2). Pour IRSA PLATINUM ISO Hardener into the container of IRSA Platinum 6000 PU Sealer and shake vigorously for at least 15 seconds. Varnish/hardener mixture can be used as primer and top coat. Drying time 2-4 hours per varnish coat. The final resistance of the sealing film is achieved after approx. 5 days. We recommend IRSA Aqua Star R9 in the wiping water. Please request the corresponding IRSA care instructions and observe the Technical Data Sheets.

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Please note

All specified drying times refer to 20° C and 55% relative humidity.
For further details please refer to our detailed care instructions, technical data sheets and safety data sheets (see Download).