Parquet Cleaner

Cleaning parquet flooring

Good to know: What you should consider when effectively cleaning impregnated or sealed floors

Only (very) heavily soiled floors should be pre-cleaned (always use cleaning agents that are compatible with the care products), otherwise care products or combined care and cleaning agents can be used directly.

The following factors should be considered:

  • Chemistry: alkaline substances "saponify" the dirt: walking marks, dust, abrasion of sole material, etc., are bound and can be removed in a soluble state
  • Time: a longer exposure time of the cleaning substances improves their effect; make sure that no damage is caused by swelling
  • Temperature: warm, do not use hot water for cleaning
  • Mechanical processing: the IRSA single disc machines (small or professional) or alternatively IRSA Blitzboy with beige or green pads facilitate cleaning


Professional parquet cleaning
with IRSA® Aqua Star R9.


Parkettreiniger Aqua Star von IRSA

Time for a parquet cleaning?

Soiled and aged parquet can be professionally cleaned and upgraded with parquet cleaners from IRSA®.

Interesting facts about parquet cleaning:



Unser beliebtester Parkett-Reiniger für versiegelte Parkett- und Holzböden.

  • Dry cleaning: manually or with vacuum cleaner; when using dry cleaning - sanding pads with microfine substrates/fibres make sure that the parquet floor is not convex or concave
  • Wet cleaning: the IRSA single disc machines or alternatively IRSA Blitzboy with beige or green pads increase the cleaning effect of IRSA products. Do not use microfibre cloths, which have an abrasive effect, when wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Final building cleaning: is carried out immediately before moving into the apartment/building; after that initial care must always be carried out.
  • Basic cleaning: necessary when heavy soiling or care layers have built up; if necessary, apply a test surface (the sealing film must not be destroyed). Remove the basic cleaning agent completely with clear water, before it is treated again.

Parkettreiniger für geölte Holz- und Parkettböden

IRSA Soap Cleaner

available in colourless and white

For a pore-deep, re-lubricating cleaning of oiled or waxed surfaces
Ingredients [PDF]

Apply diluted in the cleaning water with IRSA Blitzboy and cleaning cloth.

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IRSA Spray Soap

ready to use for spraying on oiled open-pored surfaces

IRSA Spray Soap is used for cleaning and care of dark or naturally oiled wooden surfaces. IRSA Spray Soap has a regreasing effect. The ready-to-use spray facilitates the care and cleaning of furniture, doors, table tops, panels, stairs and floors. IRSA Spray Soap is ideal for small surfaces. For cleaning large surfaces we recommend IRSA Soap Cleaner.

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Parkettreiniger für versiegelte Holz- und Parkettböden

IRSA Aqua Star

self glossing

for sealed parquet and wooden floors
Ingredients [PDF]

Use undiluted as a silky gloss finish for floors.

For maintenance and cleaning use diluted in the cleaning water (approx. 50ml in 10 L water), in order to clean without having to polish.

The universal cleaning apparatus IRSA Blitzboy with the IRSA cleaning cloth (no micro fibre) gives an optimum effect.

Pre-clean heavily soiled floors using IRSA Cleaner 5000.

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IRSA Aqua Star R9

Maintenance and cleaning agent for oiled/waxed and sealed wood and (prefinished sealed or oiled) parquet floors (matt effect) and for other surfaces.
Ingredients [PDF]

  • Since no layers of film are built up, IRSA Aqua Star R9 is ideally suitable for matt sealed surfaces.
  • Approved according to DIN 18032, part 2, also suitable for gymnasiums and sports halls (non slip finish) in combination with IRSA Wood Seal 2010 VOC high solid sm.
  • Can be used as the first maintenance treatment and as a maintenance and cleaning agent in the cleaning water for ongoing maintenance.

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IRSA Aqua Clean

self glossing

for sealed pre-finished parquet
Ingredients [PDF]

Use diluted in the cleaning water as a maintenance and cleaning agent. No polishing necessary.


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IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000

is excellent as a pre-cleaner or for a quick intermediate clean e.g. of dirty sealed and /or oiled/waxed parquet flooring, pre-finished parquet flooring or flooring made of wood, cork, PVC, lino, stone or rubber.
Ingredients [PDF]

The product can also be used for cleaning garden furniture or wooden decking.

Always carry out a test coat on an inconspicuous area. IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 is suitable to use with all IRSA care products.

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IRSA Basic Cleaner G88

for wood, parquet and cork floors and also other surfaces
Ingredients [PDF]

Using the IRSA Blitzboy or the IRSA one disc machine (and green pad) remove e.g. layers of cleaning product that have built up over time and free the floor of every type of dirt in an environmentally friendly, almost odourless way.

Also exceptionally effective on alkaline sensitive flooring (e.g. lino, cork, oak wood) - no darkening in the colour.

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Reinigungsmittel für Design- und Vinylböden

IRSA Aqua Cleaner 7001

Care and cleaning for vinyl and design flooring

also for other resilient floor coverings such as CV, rubber and polyolefins

highly concentrated - anti-slip - water-resistant - has a matt finish.

Maintenance cleaning:
wipe approx. 50-100ml in 10L of clean water
immersion with a damp cloth. H319 Causes severe eye irritation. Eye irritation.

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IRSA Spray Cleaner

ready to use for spraying on all surfaces

Cleans mildly sealed surfaces of furniture, doors, table tops, panels, stairs and floors. The product can also be used to clean stone, laminate, vinyl, etc. vinyl etc. surfaces.
The cleaning solution can be dosed well and must be distributed evenly on the surface in a moist, shiny state. For floors use IRSA Blitzboy and wipe. For care or to apply a protective film, use a care product adapted to the surface, e.g. IRSA Aqua Star for wooden surfaces.

Technical specifications: H319 Causes severe eye irritation.

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Please note

All specified drying times refer to 20° C and 55% relative humidity.
For further details please refer to our detailed care instructions, technical data sheets and safety data sheets (see Download).