Wood Oil

IRSA® Wood Oil

Wood oil and oil impregnation

IRSA offers various colourless and coloured oils for the protection of wood in interior areas (furniture, damp rooms and other wooden surfaces).

All IRSA® wood oils for interior use are polished in (beige/white pad) to prevent film formation.

Polished IRSA® wood oils withstand a load level from "normal to very strong". It is important that oiled surfaces are properly cared for and cleaned with the appropriate IRSA care and cleaning products.Further application tips should be observed, especially with coloured wood oils. All colourless wood oils have a different effect - for example, the colourless IRSA Natura Hard Oil fires the wood surface strongly, and is therefore very well suited for dark woods such as smoked oak, exotic woods or dark coloured woods.

On maple or other light woods IRSA Natura Hard Oil tends to produce a yellowish darker effect due to the high linseed oil content - usually this does not correspond to the aesthetic taste of the consumer.





1 = deep scorching (oiled)
2 = untreated, nature
3 = especially with IRSA Nature Feeling, extremely matt; if no scorching is achieved - natural wood look!
4 = bottom untreated, top IRSA sealed
5 = bottom untreated, top embedded with strongly scorching IRSA Natura Hard Oil

Without perfect grinding no beautiful oiled surface

The prerequisite for any kind of professionally performed surface treatment is a surface that is ground as evenly as possible. Especially with coloured wood oils, a faulty sanding is not forgivable. The pigments accumulate in scratches or coarsely sanded areas and the result is an uneven surface.


The special advantages of oiled wood surfaces

Oiled wood remains breathable or open to diffusion. Some IRSA Wood Oils (e.g. IRSA Design Colour Oil colourless or coloured) are also suitable for children's toys and furniture surfaces that come into contact with food.


When oiled floors should show more shine

Exclusively oiled wooden surfaces have a rather matt/dull effect. Oiled wood surfaces can be increased in gloss level by additional waxing with IRSA Natura Hard Wax.

IRSA® Wood Oils

IRSA Wood Oil Exklusiv - cobalt free

Natural protection for (untreated or pre-leached) countertops, wooden cutting boards, wooden tables and furniture, wooden cabinets, wooden shelves, wooden children's toys.

Tested according to EN 1186-3/15, EN 71/3 and DIN 53160 T1 and 2
For all interior woods and especially for surfaces that come into contact with food or should be saliva and perspiration resistant. IRSA Wood Oil Exclusive is cobalt-free and gives all treated surfaces long-lasting, natural protection against dirt and moisture.

For further care, please use our IRSA Wood Oil Exclusive, as the surfaces should remain saliva and perspiration resistant. Cleaning can also be done with IRSA spray soap. Please refer to our Technical Data Sheet or the label.

Safety Instructions: If medical advice is required, have packaging or label ready. Keep out of the reach of children. Read all instructions carefully and follow them.

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    DIBt-Zulassungsnummer: Nr. Z-157.10-32

    IRSA Natura Hard Oil


    is an oil which is free from resin and solvents, with high filling power, good penetration capacity and with very good water resisting properties. The colour of the wood is given a rich warm enhancement and intensification.

    Depending on the type of wood and the lay of the floor, apply 1-3 times wet in wet with IRSA applicator brush (about 120 g/m2 per application until surface is completely saturated - interim drying time is12 hrs).), after approx. 40 minutes remove with IRSA hard oil wiper and polish the surface.

    Surplus oil should always be completed polished away.

    The floor can be waxed again with Natura hard wax.

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    DIBt-Zulassungsnummer: Nr. Z-157.10-31

    IRSA Design-Colour Oil, coloured/colourless

    Color examples. Other colors on request.

    Colours: black, white, pine, walnut, light grey, dark grey, light sand and light oak. Other colours are available on request.

    is a coloured oil suitable for wooden surfaces, parquet, cork and other absorbent surfaces.


    • effective in regulating dampness
    • stain resistant
    • good penetrating properties
    • UV-resistant
    • gives the surface lustre
    • very little odour during application
    • odourless after it has dried

    Total consumption:depending on the absorptive capacity of the base coat approx. 75 - 120 g/m² for 1 - 2 coats (until the wood is completely saturated.)

    Interim drying time 12 hrs. Surplus oil should always be completed polished away. Fully useable (lay carpets, place furniture) after approx 7-10 days.

    Certified according EN 71-3IRSA Design Color-Oil contains natural raw materials; vegetable oils and resins, also isoaliphalic hydrocarbons, is free of biocide and toxic substances. VOC: 2004/42/2 A(f)700;700 g/l <700 g/l.

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    DIBt-Zulassungsnummer: Nr. Z-157.10-92

    IRSA Hard Oil Rapid


    is an oil which contains resins and mild solvents, with excellent dirt and water resistant properties. The oil dries faster than the Natura Hard Oil. The colour of the wood, cork or bamboo is given a light enhancement and intensification.

    According to the absorptive capacity of the wood apply 1 -2 thin coats of IRSA Hard Oil Rapid until the wood is completely saturated. (Interim drying time 12 hrs).

    Surplus oil should always be completed polished away.

    If required, wax afterwards with Natura hard wax.

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    IRSA care oil "neutral

    What is light should remain light: "neutral" with IRSA care oil
    Do you know the unsightly effect when a lightly pigmented oiled floor darkens immediately after being treated with a colourless care oil?

    With the new IRSA care oil "neutral" this is prevented.

    The IRSA Care Oil "neutral" can be used on surfaces treated with oils for care and protection as well as for cleaning at the same time. The appearance of IRSA Care Oil "neutral" on light-coloured pre-oiled surfaces is neutral or hardly changes because the pigments of IRSA Care Oil "neutral" are optimally matched to the light-coloured surfaces.

    P101 If medical advice is required, have packaging or label ready. P102 Keep out of the reach of children. P103 Read label before use. EUH208 Contains cobalt bis(2-ethylhexanoate).
    May cause allergic reactions. EUH210 Safety Data Sheet available on request.

    If you want to know more, click here: PDF flyer

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    IRSA Maintenance Oil

    For colourless and coloured oiled, non waxed surfaces which are to retain their matt finish
    Ingredients [PDF]

    Consumption ca. 10g/qm

    Spread the maintenance oil with the IRSA oil impregnated cloth and the IRSA Blitzboy or with the IRSA polishing machine. Maintenance and cleaning in one process.

    For brightly coloured oil surfaces which should stay longer bright.

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    Please note

    All specified drying times refer to 20° C and 55% relative humidity.
    For further details please refer to our detailed care instructions, technical data sheets and safety data sheets (see Download).