FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Wood, parquet and other floors

What is better sealing or oiling of the parquet?

How to professionally clean and maintain parquet or wood floors?

What is the ideal room climate?

How often should I maintain or clean (wiping procedure)?

What can I do to make a greyish and sealed parquet floor beautifully shine again?

Is joint filling performed before surface treatment for massive parquet boards?

How can I avoid joint formation for parquet floors, as far as possible?

Can I repair later joint formation after surface treatment (sealing, oiling) in parquet?

How to protect parquet against swellings?

How can I treat cork parquet? (massive – veneer – oil/wax/sealing)

Can I carry out a follow-up sealing for sealed parquet floors, made of cork?

Can I later carry out a follow-up sealing for sealed massive parquet floors?

Is it possible to achieve that a sealed floor looks „untreated“ or „oiled“?

Must I apply a primer onto the parquet floor which should be sealed?

What to do in the case of wax or water spots?

How can I care for a floor which should remain longer anti-slip?

How can I make a shining, sealed floor shine even more by proper follow-up treatment?

How can I make an oiled floor stay mat for longer, by using the right care product?

What is the best way to achieve a highly shining parquet surface? How is further care and maintenance carried out?

How can I achieve a highly shining parquet surface? How do I carry out further care and maintenance?

Is follow-up waxing of an oiled floor necessary?

Are there surface protection products for different stress levels (mechanical/chemical)?

Should a parquet and wood floor always be oiled and waxed. Is it enough to only wax it?

Can the surface of an old (sealed) parquet with great joints and imperfections be newly treated?

Can I seal a kitchen in the living area with a water varnish?

How can I oil a maple floor without causing a lasting change in its bright appearance?

Is it possible to harmlessly use IRSA water varnishes as sealer for exotic wood parquet floors?

Which IRSA water varnish can be recommended as sealer for marple parquet floors?

Is it easy to oil wood or other surfaces with colour?

Care and maintenance of sealed wood and parquet floors

Why do I have to care for a sealed parquet surface?

How can I professionally care and maintain for parquet and wood floors?

A mat, old and sealed parquet floor should get a fresh glance – do I have to sand it and treat it again?

How can I preventively protect the parquet floor against scratches or other varnish damage?

How can I remove scratches or shoe heel smears?

The gloss of the parquet sealing is gone. What can I do?

How can I remove whitish lasting spots in sealed parquet floors (wood, cork, bamboo etc.) which arose by longer exposure time to water?

How can I care for a very matt sealed floor which should remain longer mat or which should not build any gloss films by using the care product?

Care and maintenance of oiled or oiled/waxed wood, parquet and other floors

How can I make a greyish and oiled parquet floor shine again?

How can I make a greyish and oiled/waxed parquet floor shine again?

How can I remove water spots (built by longer exposure time) in oiled or oiled/waxed parquet floors (wood, cork, bamboo etc.)?

A matt and oiled floor should receive a beautiful gloss. Do I have to sand it?

How can I make a strongly dirty and oiled/waxed floor shine again without sanding?

How can I properly care and maintain a waxed floor?