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Lilo Sallinger

Since 1975 we have developed and produced products for the surface protection of wood, parquet, cork, concrete and other material surfaces.
On this internet site we would now like to present a broad spectrum of philosophies, products and applications to you, all in the field of surface finishes - just as diverse, fascinating, independent and professional as the people for whom these products have been conceived, developed and produced.

Our products meet the highest standards of quality, those we have set for ourselves and through constant dialogue and exchange of experience with our customers, they have become what they are today: proven, professional surface protection systems.

May we take this opportunity to thank all our customers most sincerely and at the same time we look forward to talking to all those who do not know us yet.

Best regards

Lilo Sallinger and the IRSA TEAM


What we offer you

Our aim is a well-conceived total system which conforms entirely with growing demands in respect of quality, environmental compatibility, versatility and flexibility as well as complying with individual wishes in the field of floor or surface finishes for parquet, wood, bamboo, concrete, cork, stairs etc. We manufacture surface finishing systems such as water lacquers, solvent-based lacquers, oils, waxes, together with the appropriate care and maintenance agents and color systems. To complete our range we also supply top quality grinding agents, grinding and single disk machines, work equipment, special products and additional related products. All from one source.

Our activities in research and development are resolutely targeted towards the manufacture of water-based products and those on the basis of natural raw materials (e.g. plant waxes, natural oils) which are free of biocides and toxic substances and which can be applied without reservation in the building industry.

Today we already produce over 80% environment-friendly products: For example, IRSA water lacquers (all water lacquers with less than 5% solvent), IRSA Nature Line (oils and waxes on the basis of natural raw materials) in each case with the specially suited environment-friendly care and maintenance agents.

IRSA also has extensive experience of surface finishing systems in industrial applications. As well as UV lacquer systems for the protection of parquet flooring, more recently oils and oil-wax systems in industrial application are becoming increasingly more important. Here we offer product solutions which effectively protect surfaces and which at the same time are very quick and easy to apply, e.g. solvent-free oil-wax systems which have been developed especially to meet the requirements of the machine processing industry. Not only parquet is finished industrially with IRSA products, but also other surfaces such as furniture, kitchens or cotto tiles.

IRSA products are available throughout Germany and also in other countries in Europe and overseas.


We are member of

  • CTA: Chemisch-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Parkettschutz-Network
  • VBW Wirtschaft weiss-blau (CSR)
  • German Sustainable Building Council DGNB e. V.
  • NIL Nürnberger Interessengruppe Lack
  • and we support KULT KRUMBACH


Brief company history


IRSA Lackfabrik from Deisenhausen is a family business founded in 1975 by Mrs. Irmgard Sallinger. Deisenhausen is located between Stuttgart and Munich.

From 1980

IRSA was one of the first manufacturers for sealers, to develop and produce water-based coatings for parquet and cork. IRSA developed the first water-based coating system available on the German market (IRSA Aqua Kork) together with the Portuguese cork industry. IRSA developed a comprehensive care and cleaning product program in coordination with the water-based coatings.


IRSA Lackfabrik joins the Chemisch – Technische – Arbeitsgemeinschaft (CTA) (Chemical Technical Working Association).


IRSA is the first manufacturer for parquet sealers which produces natural raw materials on the basis of oils and waxes for the parquet and wood flooring sector.


IRSA was the first manufacturer for parquet sealers, to bring into the market the pure PU water-based coatings for the highest requirements: IRSA Aqua Forte for parquet and wood and IRSA Aqua Kork Plus for cork. Both products are environmentally-friendly (solvent content less than 5%) and were also awarded the Blue Angel at the time.


Expansion of the IRSA NATURLINIE – the solvent-free IRSA Natura Hartöl (IRSA Natura Hard Oil) is a new product which can also be applied without re-growing.


A special cleaning agent for telescope mirrors was developed together with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching.


The turbo method (2nd and 3rd coat is applied 1x with the turbo roller) is announced. This method is a cost-effective process which is an alternative to the conventional sealing method. The special care product IRSA Aqua Clean for finished parquet is brought into the market.


IRSA Laminatreiniger (IRSA Laminate Cleaner) is added to the IRSA program. IRSAFIX: The do-it-yourself concept for exclusive marketing via the parquet specialist.


Start of the distribution of VSM parquet abrasives


Coloring of parquet with varnish and oil: IRSA Design-Color Varnish and IRSA Design Farböl (IRSA Design Color Oil). The new product is IRSA Natura High Solid Ölwachs (IRSA Natura High Solid Oil Wax).


Introduction of the attractive care sets for the specialist. The new products are IRSA Larch Oil and IRSA Teak Oil.


25th IRSA Anniversary
Presentation of IRSA Platinum Water-Based Varnish System.
The new product is IRSA HP-Oil High Protection (oil for parquet, wood, cork and bamboo).


Successful launch of the 6 IRSA PLATINUM products for parquet, bamboo and cork protection, OSB boards or surface protection for stairs.


New IRSA products:
Borema universal machine S135 1,5 KW with suction unit.
IRSA water-based pitch marking for gymnasiums and sports hall when using the
IRSA PLATINUM water-based coatings
IRSA Industrial UV-Line


New IRSA products:
IRSA Basic Color Primer for IRSA water-based varnishes, IRSA solvent-based varnishes and IRSA HP-Oil High Protection. Available in colorless, medium gray, light gray, dark gray, black, blue, red, green, walnut, yellow and white. Special colors are available on request. Also a new product is the IRSA UV-Blocker which provides the following:
  • long-term protection against darkening and yellowing in light-colored woods and
  • improves the dimensional stability of wood,
  • as primer for all lightfast IRSA Platinum Water Varnishes.


New IRSA product is IRSA Exotic Wood Oil for exotic wood outdoors which is naturally dyed and suitable for example for wooden terrace floors, carports, wooden decks, garden furniture. Also, a new IRSA product is IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 which is a water-based cleaner for sealed, oiled/waxed parquet, pre-finished parquet and other floors and also suitable for wood outdoors. Another new IRSA product is IRSA Platinum 1C PU Water-Based Varnish which is an ultra-mat environmentally-friendly water-based varnish with a solvent-content below 6%. Furthermore, another new product is IRSA Platinum 2050 1C PU Water-Based Varnish which is a highly-glossy varnish used for parquet, bamboo and wooden floors, stairs and wood indoors which are exposed to normal to heavy stress. The next new product is IRSA Platinum Exotic Primer, a water-based, ready-to-used roller or brush primer for exotic wood or domestic wood which should get a warm glowing of wood and largely prevents the wood from cracking.


30th anniversary of IRSA


Development of a new water-based varnish system IRSA Platinum Rollgrund Plus+ which is suitable for beautiful staining on all kinds of wood and development of IRSA Bühnenlack (IRSA Stage Varnish), black, mat, non-reflective.


The new product is IRSA Design Farböl (IRSA Design Color Oil) and new colors of IRSA Platinum 1C Parquet Water-Based Varnish 3000, for normal to heavy stress and which give a very beautiful accentuation are being developed.


IRSA Platinum Aqua Kitt
IRSA Platinum 3001 IRSA Wood Oil in the colors: Colorless, white, purple/ox blood red, pigeon blue, papyrus white, sand gray, platinum gray, larch, copper brown


The new 2C Parquet Water-Based Coatings IRSA Platinum 3010, silky-mat
with IRSA Platinum Iso-Härter (Iso-Hardener) for IRSA Platinum 3030, ultra-mat
with IRSA Platinum Iso-Härter (Iso-Hardener) for IRSA Platinum 3055, highly-gloss
with IRSA Platinum Iso-Härter (Iso-Hardener)


New products are IRSA Wood Refresher, IRSA Holzsiegel 2010 VOC High Solid (IRSA Wood Sealer) 2010 VOC High Solid, silky-mat, IRSA KH-Siegel (IRSA KH-Sealer) 2010 VOC High Solid and IRSA Uni Primer AL.


New are IRSA Lauge (IRSA Lye) and IRSA Care Sets "Outdoor“ (IRSA Exotic Wood Oil and IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000 Outdoor), i. e. oils and cleaners for outdoor terraces, garden furniture, etc. Also, new are the IRSA Care Set "Oil" (IRSA Pflegeöl (IRSA Care Oil), IRSA Seifenreiniger (IRSA Soap Cleaner), Oil Wipes) and IRSA Tools, like new abrasives, new IRSA sanding and polishing machines. IRSA Holzsiegel 2010 VOC High Solid, silky-mat is developed as the solvent-based oil synthetic resin sealer. We have also received the approval number Ü No. Z-157.10-92 from the DIBt for IRSA Holzsiegel 2010 VOC High Solid, silky-mat. This makes IRSA the first specialized parquet sealer manufacturer, to get a building authority approval for a more solvent-based parquet sealer by November 2016.


The new IRSA Wood Oil colors are colorless, white, blue gray, light gray, warm gray, dark gray, tobacco brown, rust red, dark green and larch. IRSA Platinum 6000 PU Sealer/IRSA Platinum Iso-Härter (Iso-Hardener), silky-mat or ultra-mat, in also brought into the market. This varnish provides a long-term protection for cementitious mineral floors and resilient floor coverings (e.g. PVC, linoleum, vinyl, rubber) exposed to normal to very heavy stress.


New are IRSA Aqua Cleaner 7001 which is a care and cleaning agent for design and vinyl coverings. Furhtermore, also new is IRSA Basic Color, black, and IRSA Design Farböl (IRSA Design Color Oil), black mat, for stages and photo studios.


New are IRSA 2C HP-Plus Oil with IRSA 2C HP-Plus Hardener, i. e. a two component oil for parquet and wood oil in colorless, sand light, black, dark gray, light gray, white and wenge. Suitable for normal to very heavy stressed floors. Extremely productive and fast drying, inimitable, unique combination possibilities with IRSA Lauge (IRSA Lye) and IRSA Basic Color are possible.


Anniversary! IRSA celebrates its 40th birthday!

Our new anniversary varnish is IRSA Nature Feeling 2C Parquet Water Varnish, extremely-mat DIBt number: No. Z-157.10-38
  • Natural wood appearance for very heavily stressed floors
  • Also new is IRSA HP-Oil High Protection and IRSA 2C HP-Plus Oil now with the anti-slip version.


IRSA Platinum 2K Öl-Grundierung (IRSA Platinum 2C Oil Primer) for Water-Based Varnishes available in different colors.

New product is IRSA Elasto-Fill – a highly elastic parquet joint sealer which is available in the colors beech natural/sand light, oak natural, white, gray, black and transparent. We supply an required RAL color when purchasing a minimum of 4 cartridges. IRSA Elasto-Fill can be used for extra-wide, representative colored joints ("yacht floor appearance") for wood floorboards, parquet and laminate. It is also an ideal adhesion for wooden skirting boards. The product can be over-sealed with all IRSA Platinum Water-Based Varnishes, IRSA Platinum 2C Öl-Grundierung (Oil Primer) and oils. It is not suitable for our alkyde resin varnishes. Of course, the necessary matching round cord is also available (3 flank adhesion is avoided).

Furthermore, another new product is IRSA WPC-Cleaner for cleaning WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composites) resysta and polyrattan surfaces.

IRSA Aqua Cleaner 7001 is also new which is suitable for cleaning of design and vinyl floors and for cleaning of laminate and other surfaces.


The new Water-Based IRSA Bühnenlack WL (Stage Varnish) is brought into the market. This varnish is one component, ready-to-use, black opaque, very mat, non-reflecting, very fast repair possibility, fast drying and also available in silky-mat.


The new product is IRSA Sprühseife (IRSA Soap Solution). This ready-to-use product facilitates the care and cleaning for furniture, doors, table tops, panels, stairs and floors.
The new product is IRSA Pflegeöl "neutral“.
The appearance of IRSA Pflegeöl "neutral“ on lightly pre-oiled surfaces has a neutral effect or hardly changes at all as the pigments of IRSA Pflegeöl "neutral“ is optimally matched to the lightly colored surfaces.


The new product is IRSA Spray-Cleaner.
IRSA Spray-Cleaner is a ready-to-use product for spraying and cleaning of all kinds of surfaces. This product mildly cleans surfaces of furniture, doors, table tops, panels, stairs and floors. Furthermore, it can also be used for quick cleaning of stone, laminate, vinyl and similar surfaces.


The new product is IRSA Farbpaste AL (IRSA Color Paste AL).
This product is available in white, black, yellow, green, blue and red.
IRSA Farbpaste AL is used for coloring with IRSA HP-Oil High Protection, IRSA Hartöl Rapid (IRSA Hard Oil Rapid), IRSA Design Farböl (IRSA Design Color Oil), IRSA 2C HP-Plus Oil and IRSA Platinum 2C Öl-Grundierung (IRSA Platinum 2C Oil Primer).


Improvement of the recipes:
now with cobalt-free formulation

  • IRSA Natura Hard Oil
  • IRSA Design Colour Oil, colourless and coloured
  • IRSA Oil Resin Impregnation, colourless and coloured
  • IRSA Exotic Wood Oil
  • IRSA Wood Oil, colourless and coloured

New products:

  • IRSA Natural Effect Oil, cobalt-free
  • IRSA Care Oil Natural Effect, cobalt-free
  • The invisible oil protection!


New products:

IRSA Holzöl Exklusiv/Wood Oil Exclusive

The natural protection for (untreated or pre-treated) worktops, wooden cutting boards, wooden tables and furniture, wooden cupboards, wooden shelves, wooden children's toys.
Tested in accordance with EN 1186-3/15, EN 71/3 and DIN 53160 T1 and 2
For all interior wood and especially for surfaces that come into contact with food or are intended to be resistant to saliva and perspiration.

IRSA Stirnkantenwachs/ front edge wax, for exterior use
has a strong water-repellent effect and thus protects end edges, cut surfaces; end grain of posts and beams, terrace timbers



DGNB – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.

IRSA is a member of DGNB - The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.)


Overview of the DGNB.....
The DGNB was founded in 2007 by 16 initiators from various subject areas within the construction and real-estate sectors. The aim was to promote sustainable and economically efficient building even more strongly in future. The reaction to the founding of the DGNB was extremely positive. By the beginning of 2008 121 organizations had already joined the DGNB. Today the association has more than 1,100 members throughout the entire world, because we see ourselves as a German and international knowledge platform. Our vision for 2050: a sustainably built and liveable future. There are more than 500 experts who support us on a volunteer basis: architects, investors, project developers, scientists, builders and other specialists from the construction and real-estate sectors

Sustainability as the DGNB understands it.

Sustainability is more than just a word for the DGNB: we understand sustainability as the obligation of the whole of society to shoulder responsibility for current problems such as climatic change and resource depletion instead of merely leaving them for future generations to deal with.
Sustainable building can make a crucial contribution to this: according to the German Ministry for the Environment, buildings account for roughly one third of the resources consumed in Germany and a similar proportion of carbon emissions and waste. Among other things, these figures can be systematically reduced through sustainable building.

We want to make the general public aware that a sustainable form of building is necessary and, above all, is possible. We attain this goal with a systematic transfer of know-how through events, media and the training of construction professionals to turn them into sustainability experts.

In our committees, scientists and practical workers cooperate closely in an interdisciplinary manner. Anyone can bring in their knowledge and supplement it with the technical expertise of others.

If you want to know more please visit website

Informations for IRSA products registrated (DGNB) please click here:

Our current tips:

Everything concerning the topics „ prevention of complaints, environment and chemistry, unpleasant odours, safety in the work place, formation of joints and room climate, appropriate care and cleaning of the flooring."

In order for the parquet flooring work to be carried out successfully, we would like to point out the following specific features, which lie outside the area of responsibility assumed by the company laying the parquet flooring:

Renovating old flooring and laying new wooden flooring:

What do you need to pay attention to before starting the parquet flooring work?

You have decided to renovate your wooden floor or to buy a new one. A clever decision, which not only serves to increase the beauty of your residence, but also the value.

The following information serves to improve the implementation of parquet flooring work.

Let us know if you can see any difficulties with regard to the following technical anomalies that could possibly occur, and/or we will inform you what needs particular attention, before, during and after the parquet flooring work:

1. Old wax on old flooring which is to be sealed after sanding

For example old flooring can be coated to varying degrees with old wax. In this instance larger or smaller amounts of wax deposits remain in the joints or other cavities in the flooring even after the most thorough sanding. Due to the fact that wax remains and sealing products for parquet flooring basically do not agree with each other, adhesive problems can occur according to each individual situation and the degree of wax coating.

2. Silicon deposits

The same is also true for so-called silicon deposits, which can be existent on site in old or new flooring or can be introduced without any help on the part of the sealer. Such a case is, in practice, exceedingly rare and unavoidable on the part of the parquet floor layer, since he is unable to recognize the invisible silicon in advance. Silicon can be found e.g. in several technical products such as assembly foam, sealing compounds, wall-paper stripper and even in the smallest traces can cause matt spots or contraction in the parquet sealing later.

Your parquet flooring sealer can not be held responsible for this. In this instance the customer has the choice to either accept the flaws in the sealant or to have another sanding down of the sealant as well as a new floor sealing carried out at his own expense.

3. Safety and environmental protection are also very important topics:

The regular parquet flooring sealants contain solvents which primarily evaporate during the sealing process and the drying of the sealant layer. During this period open flame, exposed light, welding, smoking etc are strictly prohibited in the hazard area. It is better to make use of water-based varnishes or oils and by doing so you will be preserving mankind and the environment.

4. Odour development in the first days after the surface treatment.

Even when using ecologically compatible water-based varnishes or solvent free oils, there is still a particular product -specific inherent smell noticeable in the first few days after application. Modern water-based varnishes contain minor amounts of solvent (see Giscode), which are emitted into the ambient atmosphere during and after the hardening of the varnish. Fatty-acid by products are produced by oxidative drying oils and these can be smelt already even in the lowest concentrations.

Hence it is important to pay attention to airing the room sufficiently in the initial days after the surface treatment so that the room's air pollution can quickly fade away.

5. Good ventilation is important – particularly during the heating period

You should always pay attention to regular good ventilation and only maintain after the freshly applied varnish or impregnating system is completely dried out. Air that is too dry is also questionable from a physiological standpoint: one's well-being is impaired in air that is too dry, as it dries out the mucous membranes and promotes conditions favourable for infectious diseases.

6. How to avoid visual disturbances that can arise later in parquet flooring e.g. joints between the wood sections:

Wood is a natural product and adapts itself to the ambient room air. If the indoor climate is kept constant then there would be no (unequal/differing) joints. Due to the so-called side and/or edge gluing, e.g. with water-based varnishes (causes with other factors a possible uneven joint formation), ugly joints can appear during/after the heating period (the wood shrinks) especially in wood that works more than others (e.g. beech, maple) if there is insufficient humidity.

Therefore we advise: Ensure a healthy room temperature (ideally 20°C and 55% humidity) by using e.g. a humidifier. Read about the relevant care instructions to this topic issued by IRSA under http://www.irsa.de/download. We would also be happy to send you these in printed form.

7. Restoring multi-layered parquet – unsticking the covering lamination

It is well-known that problems arise with multi-layered parquet with regard to the gluing and/or the laminate pressing process of the covering lamination. Due to the ever changing humidity of the wood during the course of the year constant pressure builds up between the covering lamination and the middle/counteracting layer, which have t demands on the gluing.

During the course of the restoration additional strain can arise due to sanding, or as a result of swelling pressure or nominal tensile stress in the varnish film. This can then result in a partial or complete unsticking of the covering laminate, which in turn can lead to raised corners and edges, concave dishing or loose lying covering lamination.

8. Correct care and cleaning

Finally at this point we point out the necessity of regular and co-ordinated care of your sealed, oiled or oiled/waxed parquet flooring. Relevant care instructions can be found enclosed under


The instructions and specifications in this letter are in accordance to the best of our knowledge according to the current state of technology. They are solely for information purposes and as a non-binding guideline. Any liability claims can not be derived from them. In cases of doubt relevant test surface treatments should be carried out. The recommendations in the technical data sheets and similar technical information issued by IRSA are to be heeded to with overriding precedence.

We are happy to advise you on any possible questions. Contact us. By the way: further Tips and Tricks to be found under: www.irsa.de