IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH


About us

Since 1975 we have developed and produced products for the surface protection of wood, parquet, cork, concrete and other material surfaces.
On this internet site we would now like to present a broad spectrum of philosophies, products and applications to you, all in the field of surface finishes - just as diverse, fascinating, independent and professional as the people for whom these products have been conceived, developed and produced.

Lilo Sallinger

Our products meet the highest standards of quality, those we have set for ourselves and through constant dialogue and exchange of experience with our customers, they have become what they are today: proven, professional surface protection systems.

May we take this opportunity to thank all our customers most sincerely and at the same time we look forward to talking to all those who do not know us yet.

Best regards

Lilo Sallinger and the IRSA TEAM


What we offer you

Our aim is a well-conceived total system which conforms entirely with growing demands in respect of quality, environmental compatibility, versatility and flexibility as well as complying with individual wishes in the field of floor or surface finishes for parquet, wood, bamboo, concrete, cork, stairs etc. We manufacture surface finishing systems such as water lacquers, solvent-based lacquers, oils, waxes, together with the appropriate care and maintenance agents and color systems. To complete our range we also supply top quality grinding agents, grinding and single disk machines, work equipment, special products and additional related products. All from one source.

Our activities in research and development are resolutely targeted towards the manufacture of water-based products and those on the basis of natural raw materials (e.g. plant waxes, natural oils) which are free of biocides and toxic substances and which can be applied without reservation in the building industry.

Today we already produce over 80% environment-friendly products: For example, IRSA water lacquers (all water lacquers with less than 5% solvent), IRSA Nature Line (oils and waxes on the basis of natural raw materials) in each case with the specially suited environment-friendly care and maintenance agents.

IRSA also has extensive experience of surface finishing systems in industrial applications. As well as UV lacquer systems for the protection of parquet flooring, more recently oils and oil-wax systems in industrial application are becoming increasingly more important. Here we offer product solutions which effectively protect surfaces and which at the same time are very quick and easy to apply, e.g. solvent-free oil-wax systems which have been developed especially to meet the requirements of the machine processing industry. Not only parquet is finished industrially with IRSA products, but also other surfaces such as furniture, kitchens or cotto tiles.

IRSA products are available throughout Germany and also in other countries in Europe and overseas.


We are member of

  • CTA: Chemisch-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Parkettschutz-Network
  • VBW Wirtschaft weiss-blau (CSR)
  • German Sustainable Building Council DGNB e. V.
  • NIL Nürnberger Interessengruppe Lack
  • and we support KULT KRUMBACH