IRSA® Varnishes, oils, cleaners and care products – Made in Germany

What "Made in Germany" means to IRSA

IRSA has been a family business since 1975 and is based in southern Germany (Deisenhausen).

IRSA develops, produces and distributes sealants, water-based varnishes, coatings, oils, paint systems, care and cleaning products for the protection of wood in interior design (especially for parquet and wooden floors) as well as for exterior applications (facades, garden furniture, wooden terraces etc.).

Holz Lacke und Öle von IRSA

We also offer surface protection products for cork, stone floors, sports aircraft, silo and stable floors and surface protection finishes for other areas. The results are IRSA inks, IRSA sealants, IRSA oils and coordinated IRSA care and cleaning products. We supplement IRSA products with auxiliary materials such as abrasives, pads, wipers, single-disc machines and all kinds of tools for optimal processing.

High quality products & sustainability

Our concern is that our products are of particular value to users in terms of aesthetics and durability. Repairability, long durability, and thus finding resource-saving solutions are the focus of IRSA. Therefore, we research, develop and manufacture products that make it possible to renovate surfaces. "Win quality, save costs" is the guiding principle of our customers, who attach great importance to lasting product value retention, resource efficiency and the associated cost savings. We take care of improvements.

IRSA Holzöl und Holzlack für Parkett und Holz

We enjoy providing comprehensive and transparent advice, showing alternatives as well as advantages and disadvantages of application solutions. One saves tedious and expensive replacement measures e.g. of floors - up to 5 times within 50 years - and costs of working time as well as costs for disposal.

Old values and traditions of individually and handcrafted wooden floors, which can be sealed or oiled several times, are today the measure of all things for a wise and price-conscious floor investment. After all, handcrafted wooden floors or wooden furniture can be repaired many times over and thus have a long service life. In this way, we promote craftsmanship that is capable of avoiding multiple product replacement during the course of use, as regular and thus expensive floor replacement can be avoided. Because our customers should get what they want: good results for value retention with proven and innovative as well as naturally environmentally friendly product alternatives that are kind to health. This is how we shape the future. For IRSA, this is what stands behind "Made in Germany".

Individuality and conservation of value of craftsmanship

Aesthetics, long durability and resource efficiency in combination
We take care of both - of high optical and technical demands on wooden floors or wooden and other surfaces and can meet these with a wide variety of sealants, oils and coordinated care and cleaning agents. Our product range is the result of an intensive examination of raw materials and efficient use of resources (from raw materials, finished products, processing equipment, machines to cans, jerry cans, cardboard), right through to sustainable waste management.

We stand for individuality and conservation of value of craftsmanship.

Our wide product range stands for many individual design possibilities: With IRSA products, surfaces can be individually designed - for example, with different colour systems, with low or high scorching in the case of transparent seals or oils. With different degrees of gloss (extreme matt, ultra matt, silk matt to high gloss) special effects can be achieved in interior design. In this way values are preserved, because our products protect luxurious, handcrafted work. On special request, our customers can also receive an individual product, which was made just for them.

The IRSA® understanding of "Made in Germany":

  • We preserve values, because the products we develop, produce and offer protect luxurious, durable, craftsmanship
  • We invent and produce products that do something special: with IRSA products surfaces can be renovated, the high IRSA product quality refines and continues to give the surfaces a very long durability (50 years and more) and special aesthetics.
  • Enabling individual, diverse optical design options means everything to us
  • Technical challenges in product development spur us on
  • As a manufacturer of chemical products, we use chemistry carefully and consciously and communicate transparently
  • DIBT certifications attest to the health safety of our products
  • IRSA® products are environmentally friendly, controlled and low-emission: from BFR registration to transport (documented by the Interseroh climate protection certificate), we ensure sustainable, transparent information and maximum efficiency in the use of our chemical materials.

IRSA in Germany and many countries:

Not only people in Germany are convinced of IRSA products, but also users in many European and non-European countries. For example in Greece, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Russia, China, to name but a few countries.

Customers appreciate our quality standards and they appreciate the "Made in Germany" on our labels, as it stands for competence and trust in IRSA research, production and high IRSA product quality.