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IRSA® - Your professional surface:
Parquet, wood and more!

For over 45 years IRSA Lackfabrik has been developing and producing: Parquet varnish, parquet oil, wood varnish, wood oil, parquet cleaner and floor cleaner, parquet care, as well as special varnishes such as stage varnish, aircraft varnish, etc.

IRSA gives preference to environmentally safe sealants and impregnations in research and development. Today, IRSA already manufactures almost 90% of its products environmentally friendly in terms of total production volume.


IRSA® Products

Parquet Varnish

Parquet Varnish

High-quality and durable parquet varnishes for real wood parquet floors.



Parquet Oil

Natural and high-quality parquet oils for all types of wood.


Parkett Pflege

Parquet Care

Excellent parquet care products for all wood types.



Wood Varnish

IRSA wood varnishes for furniture, doors and table tops, etc.



Wood Oil

Oil the wood properly: Natural wood oils for all types of wood.



Parquet Repair

Solutions for the repair and restoration of parquet and wooden floors.



Oiling of wood and almost invisible: The IRSA 3 Step Nature Effect Oil System

  1. Cleaning with IRSA Aqua Cleaner 5000
  2. IRSA Natur-Effekt-Öl (IRSA Nature Effect Oil), cobalt-free, solvent-free, colourless and follow-up treatment with
  3. IRSA Pflegeöl Natur-Effekt (IRSA Care Oil Nature Effect), water-based, cobalt-free

IRSA Natura Effekt Parkett Öl

The natural bright oil protection for untreated bright wood which lets the wood surface look like wood surface (raw wood effect).

✔︎ Wood should stay wood: Like freshly sanded appearance!

✔︎ Application on untreated or freshly sanded wood

✔︎ More environmentally-friendly as water-based

✔︎ Lets the wood look like untreated

✔︎ For softwood, hardwood and oak

✔︎ For wood floors, furniture, stairs, wall panels indoors

✔︎ Breathable, protects against water & Co.

✔︎ Easy to care for and maintain

✔︎ For normal to very strongly stressed surfaces


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