IRSA PLATINUM 3055 2C water-based varnish for parquet + PLATINUM ISO Hardener 3055

high gloss

2C Polyurethane water-based varnish high gloss for Parquet Flooring (20 parts varnish : 1 part PLATINUM ISO hardener 3055) .

For normal to very heavy duty wear on parquet, wood and bamboo flooring, OSB boards and stairs.

The product is very resistant to wear and tear and scratching and displays great filling properties. The sealant layer does not turn yellow. The closed film of varnish is also non sensitive to the effects of water left on over hours and is convincing with its good resistance to household chemicals.

IRSA PLATINUM 3055 2C polyurethane water-based varnish high gloss for parquet is non sensitive to marks left by shoe heels. Final hardness is reached after 5 -7 days (at 20°C and 55% humidity).

Overall consumption rate lies at around at least 360-400g/m². An interim sanding (grain 180) is usually carried out before the final top coat or if necessary.

The maintenance and cleaning is carried out using IRSA Aqua Star (self glossing), and/or the first maintenance with IRSA Aqua Star GW.

Areas of application: flooring subjected to exceedingly heavy traffic in public buildings, offices and kindergartens.

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