DIBt-Zulassungsnummer: Nr. Z-157.10-38

IRSA PLATINUM 3010 2C parquet water varnish + hardener

silk matt

2C polyurethane parquet water varnish in silk mat (20 components varnish: 1 component PLATINUM hardener)
Suitable for normal to very strongly stressed parquet, wood and bamboo floors, OSB boards and stairs.
According to DIN 18032, part 2 is tested. Therefore, it is also suitable for gyms.
Caring and cleaning is carried out with IRSA Aqua Star (self- shining) or with IRSA Aqua Star R9 (diluted, has a mat effect).

Beyond its exceptional tear and scratch resistance, IRSA Platinum 3010 2C polyurethane parquet water varnish has a high filling capacity. The sealing layer does not become yellow. The closed varnish film is also still water-resistant after longer exposure time to water and convinces with its good household chemical resistance.
3010 2C polyurethane parquet water varnish is resistant to shoe heel smears. Final hardness is achieved within 3 days (at 20° and 55% humidity).
Application areas: Very strongly stressed floors in open buildings, schools, offices, gyms and sports halls.

IRSA PLATINUM 2K Öl-Grundierung (7 standard colours) can be used as color primer Platinum Roll-on primer


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