PR Herrmannshotel, Münsingen

Sealed and oiled parquet and wood surfaces

PR Herrmannshotel, Münsingen

Family Hotel HERRMANN in the UNESCO-protected biosphere region of the Swabian Alp:
The swiss pine floors, maple floors and beech floors are breathably and environmentally-friendly oiled with 1K IRSA HP Oil, High Solid

The region Middle Swabian Alp, which is situated between Stuttgart and the Lake Constance, has everything for the individual holidays. This region offers excellent hiking trails, biking tours of all levels of difficulty, castles and ruined castles, experiencing history, modern architecture, museums and cultural events, regional specialities from regional products and traditional horse breeding.

You will enjoy a historically grown and traditional landscape with a breathtaking natural and cultural landscape on a 85,000 hectare land. There is nowhere else in Baden-Wuerttemberg such a diversity of habits of rare animals and plants, as well as cultural sightseeings. Therefore, this region won an award in May 2009 by the UNESCO.

The motto of the biosphere region: Protect the nature and use the nature!
A visit to the biosphere region of the Swabian Alp can guarantee hiking and cycling in a breathtaking nature, to visit
advanterous holes and castles, to enjoy the silence, to participate in guided hiking trails, to taste regional specialities and many more.

About 100 officially known partners of the biosphere region support the high quality of the products and services in the biosphere region and contribute to the maintenance of this sensitive cultural landscape. The cooperation partners would like to show the guests the beauty of the landscape and to present the best of the region with their performances or products.

The three-star biosphere hotel with the restaurant Herrmann (a charming wellbeeing hotel in Münsingen) especially supports the transmission of these values.
Today, the Herrmann Hotel is managed in the fourth generation by the family Autenrieth. The hotel offers everything, whether you want to go on a short trip, to a meeting, party or you simply want to taste the regional specialities. Sabine and Rainer Autenrieth want to show “soul magic“ to their guests. Besides spacious meeting rooms, rooms and guest rooms, Ms. Autenrieth herself also manages a Spa.

Regional is brilliant! And the following is cared for at the Herrmann Hotel:
To enjoy Swabia means to taste the authentic cooking of Alb-typical meals with regional products from own
production. The “Herrmann“ kitchen stands for creativity and for the region. The high-quality and mostly saisonal
additives for the products mostly originate directly from manufacturers of the Swabian Alp. Especially impressive are the specialities from the Alp Buffalloe. This buffalloe does not only supply meat and cheese (the “Albzarella“) but also leather and soap.

Another special feature are the biosphere rooms – the Autenrieths focus on healthy and sustainable living
The mud walls and the solid wood floors provide a special and very healthy room climate. The solid wood floors were
oiled with open pores and is breathable. The mud walls absorb humidity, store it and then release it naturally. Four of the overall eleven new rooms are equipped with solid swiss pine. It is said that swiss pine calms the heartbeat. The remaining seven rooms are equipped with red-core beech. The floors in all rooms are made of solid maple. You can find the same wood in the seminar and meeting rooms.

The maple grows on the Swabian Alp and is also called white tree in this region. Such as the beech maple, the wood of the maple belongs to the most valuable real hardwoods. In the future, the maple wood will keep its value as it has good technical characteristics and could replace tropical types of wood by corresponding dressing.

In the Hotel Hermann, the people valued on authentic and transparent surface protection. The floors should consist of
natural and regional materials and at the same time should withstand very strong stress.

Although another floor (vinyl floor) was recommended due to cost reasons, Mr. Autenrieth decided to use solid wood because according to him:“Our guests should feel as comfortable as we do“. Also Stefan Herter, the parquet layer from Hayingen, convinces with the argument that the primary higher acquisition costs of the product “solid wood“ will be already amortised after 5 years. The acquisition costs are so high due to the costs of the working time, parquet flooring, grinding, cementing and oiling. At the end, these floors are far cheaper, resource-efficient and thus sustainable due to long durability of over 50 years and because the floors are easy to repair.

This is proved by the solid style-parquet floors which have been in the hotel since 1910. Centuries ago, the style-parquet floor was sealed with the 2 K Polyurethane IRSA U plastic and still has a good appearance!

At that time, Bernhard Herter – the father of Stefan Herter – placed the floor. Stefan - the son - has professionally layered and oiled the new floors of the Hotel Hermann which have been in the hotel since 2010. The Herters have already
worked as carpenters and joiners in the 4th generation, focussing on interior work and parquet, as well as on wood floors.

IRSA HP Oil High Protection is the right choice to protect wood floors.
IRSA HP-OIL, HIGH-PROTECTION is impregnated with wood on the basis of modified and natural oils and natural waxes, as well as dearomatized hydrocarbons. Of course, you need an inspection approval certifcate. The surface which was oiled in this way becomes breathable und has more open pores.
IRSA HP-OIL, HIGH-PROTECTION can be universelly used for all normal to very strongly stressed hardwoods, soft woods or exotic woods in the interior construction, such as parquet, boards, industrial parquet, wood blocks, furniture, worktops, shelves and edge-glued wood. It is also perfectly suitable for cork, bamboo, absorbent stone or cotto.

IRSA HP Oil High Protection results in a beautiful and bright surface, is very easy to process, dries quickly, gives a slighly shining surface, is slip-resistant, odourless, as well as strongly water-resistant and dirt-resistant.

The IRSA HP Oil gives the wood surface billiancy, impregnates and protects and emphasizes the structure of the wood. Therefore, the glowing of wood has no yellow or dark colour. The character of the natural working substance wood is emphasized and this results in an easy-to-care surface. Depending on the absorbency of the underground, between 30g/qm per order (spatula) up to 50g/qm per order (with brush or paint) of IRSA HP-OIL, HIGH-PROTECTION is necessary. Normally, 2 orders are enough. Depending on the type of wood, twice as much is necessary for wood blocks and edge wood (industrial parquet).