Akademie der Bildenden Künste München „Münchner Schule“

Sealed and oiled parquet and wood surfaces

Akademie der Bildenden Künste München „Münchner Schule“

The old spruce floor of the studio of Prof. Hermann Pitz was extremely white tuned with IRSA 2K HP Plus Oil and looks new again. Considering the previous institutions, the Munich Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most important academies and also one of the oldest art academies in Germany.

The old spruce floor in the studio of Prof. Hermann Pitz was whitely tuned with IRSA 2K HP Plus Oil and looks new again. IRSA 2K HP-Plus Oil High-Solid 2-component parquet oil is an oil-wax-combination with natural oils and waxes, linked and oxidatively drying by adding the hardener IRSA Härter 2K HP-Plus Oil colourless, sand, black, dark grey, light grey, white and wenge. If required, we also deliver special tones. The product is tested in accordance with DIN 51130 / anti-slip class R 10. The floor can be already used after 24 hours after oiling. The surface impregnated in this way gets a lasting protection and can be simply re-oiled, cared for and repaired.

The surface has open pores, is breathable, capable of diffusions and resistant against household chemicals.
This quick drying also allows to carry out renovations in a short time in extremely and strongly stressed areas (restaurant areas, hotel, business premises, offices, etc.) without limiting mechanical and chemical stress. The improved linking density results in a strongly water- and dirt-resistant surface. IRSA 2K HP-Plus Oil is easy to process. The consumption is about 50 ml/m2 – depending on the absorbency of the wood.

The areas of use are grinded wood and parquet floors, including boards, grinded wood blocks, as well as finally grinded several layer parquet elements which can also be used when an underfloor heating is incorporated.

If a previous treatment/coat priming is used as „priming“ as an alternative to IRSA Lauge, IRSA Basic Color or IRSA Design Farböl – this results in diverse design possibilities.

Depending on the desired appearance, the subsequent care after hardening time is carried out with IRSA Pflegeöl (for matte surfaces) or IRSA Natura Hartwachs (silky shining surfaces) or IRSA Pflegemilch (for additional gloss into mopping water). It is cleaned with IRSA Seifenreiniger, IRSA Natura Hartwachs or also with IRSA Pflegeöl (for cleaning and caring). IRSA Grundreiniger G88 is used to remove resistant dirt and for general cleaning. Please ask for our caring sets.
Our care instruction for oiled and waxed floors (for requests or downloads please see www.irsa.de/download), as well as the corresponding Technical Data Sheets and container labels give more information.