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Products for application areas: Holzoberflächen Exoten (Grundierung mit IRSA Uni Primer AL)


DIBt-Zulassungsnummer: Nr. Z-157.10-37

silk matt

IRSA PLATINUM 3001 1C- A ready-to-use polyurethane-water-based varnish. For normal wear and tear of parquet-, wood-, and bamboo floors, OSB boards and stairs. The further maintenance is carried out with IRSA Aqua Star (self glossing) or IRSA Aqua Star R9 (diluted, matt effect).

IRSA PLATINUM 3001 1C- water-based varnish for parquet in silk matt is resistant to wear and tear and scratches with very good filling properties. The sealing layer is non-yellowing. IRSA PLATINUM 3001 1C- Water-Based Varnish is also non sensitive to the marks left by rubber soles. After the final hardness the treated floor is subject to wear and tear after 5 days. Application recommended in living areas.

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