IRSA UV-Blocker

IRSA UV-Blocker

  • free of solvent
  • for indoors and outdoors – only for bright wood (e.g. ash, maple, spruce, pine)
  • to prevent darkening and yellowing
  • improves the wood’s ability to maintain its dimensions

IRSA UV-BLOCKER is delivered as a ready-to-use primer. The product can be applied by rolling, painting or spraying. Longstanding protection, prevents darkening and yellowing on light woods like e.g. birch, fir, spruce, maple and above all pine. It also improves the wood’s lifespan and its ability to maintain its dimensions. Discolorations, caused by varying incidence of light are as far as possible greatly reduced e.g. on furniture and flooring (under carpet), on ceilings and wall-claddings, summer houses and wooden houses as well as on other types of out-side wood. A patch test is required.

3.600m² of maple cottage parquet flooring, primed with IRSA UV-Blocker (protects against yellowing and darkening) and then sealed with IRSA PLATINUM 2030 2C water-based varnish ultra matt for parquet flooring. Subsequent maintenance and cleaning using IRSA Aqua Star R9.

How to use: IRSA UV-Blocker can also be used industrially (on production lines). After the IRSA UV-Blocker has dried seal the surface with the corresponding IRSA oils, water-based varnishes or one of the other IRSA varnish systems. In out-door areas, wood at risk from blueness or fungi should be treated with IRSA IMPREGNATING PRIMER prior to the final coat.

Total consumption: according to the type of wood and the absorptive capacity of the base coat approx. 40 - 100 ml/m²

Drying time: according to the absorptive capacity of the wood, humidity and temperature approx. 12-24 hours. These specifications are based on ideal conditions of + 20° C and 55 % relative humidity.

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