IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH



Colour primer for IRSA water-based varnishes, IRSA varnishes containing solvent and IRSA HP-Oil High Protection. In the entire interior building IRSA Basic-Colour can be used on hard and soft wood (e.g. parquet and wooden flooring, as well as furniture). It is not suitable for very rich exotic types of wood. Always do a patch test first.

Colors left to right:
dark grey, light grey, darker white, white, warm grey, red and yellow

orange, oak, cognac, wenge, black, blue and green.
Special colours can be delivered to meet relevant enquiries.

Restaurant Dallmayr

In the Restaurant and Café Dallmayr 220m² of cottage oak parquet flooring and 220m² of herringbone oak parquet flooring have been stained using IRSA Basic Colour Special Tone and subsequently oiled with IRSA HP-OIL High-Protection.

How to use: IRSA BASIC COLOR is applied evenly with the IRSA Mohair-Varnish Roller and then rubbed in using the single disc machine and a white pad. IRSA BASIC COLOUR can also be used with the brush, the spray gun or the airmix-tool.

Thinning: IRSA BASIC COLOR is made ready-to-use. To lighten only use IRSA BASIC COLOR COLORLESS. Depending on the degree of lightening the resistance to light could be reduced. All colours can be mixed with each other.

Total consumption: approx. 5–8 m²/l or approx.160 g/m² according to the type of wood and the wood’s absorptive capacity.

Drying time: at least 12 hours. The drying times quoted are based on normal conditions (approx. +20° C and approx. 55 % relative humidity).

Priming and top coats: all IRSA water-based sealants, IRSA Uni Primer (solvent-based) and for oiled surfaces IRSA HP-Oil High-Protection or IRSA Design Colour Oil can be used. Light- coloured surfaces should only be treated using IRSA Uni Primer and non yellowing (light resistant) sealants.