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silk matt

For normal to heavy duty wear and tear. Has been used successfully for over 25 years.

Non-fading, no yellowing.

IRSA Aqua Cork Plus silk matt is a ready-to-use pure polyurethane dispersion conceived especially for use on cork. It has high elasticity, good filling properties and an extremely high resistance to wear and tear.

With Aqua Cork Plus the surface swelling of many cork types is largely avoided. This light-proof water-based varnish is excellently suited to light coloured cork.

The overall consumption lies at around at least 360g/m². An interim sanding is generally carried out before the final coat.

Final hardness is achieved after 5 days (at 20°C and 55% humidity).

Areas of application: Offices, kindergartens, schools, public buildings.

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Application areas

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Products for application areas: Fotostudios

IRSA Stage Varnish

(black, ultra matt, non reflecting)
Areas of application: stage flooring, photo studios, prevents reflection on exposure to light.

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IRSA Bühnenlack WL is delivered as a ready-to-process wood sealer in black, ultra-mat.
Suitable for stages; photo studios
The incidence of light is broken by the ultra-mat adjustment and a reflection or reflective light is almost avoided.

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