What else can you protect with IRSA products, except floors:

Sealed and oiled parquet and wood surfaces

What else can you protect with IRSA products, except floors:

Frank Lange, from 63303 Dreieich produces the successful product Winebed, purified with IRSA Design Farböl

Get your inspiration from an exceptional type of wine presentation. Winebed gives diverse possibilities, wine, accessories and many more styles for an elegant presentation.

The aim of Winebed is stylishly and elegantly present wines and at the same time to emphasize on functional and asthetic aspects. Appreciated due to their quality by winelovers, the Winebed collection gives even for extravagant requirements a suitable solution. All models are mechanically manufactured, tested and certified in our production.

Only first-class materials and working substances are processed for all Winebed products. This applies for all woods which Winebed only purchases from sustainable forestry but also for the IRSA Design Farböl. It protects the Winebed products optimally and diversely – not at least due to the great choice of colours. The oil is moisture-regulating, well dirt-repellant, free of biocides and toxic substances and is, of course, UV-resistant.

After polishing the oil, the surface gets an exceptional haptic. The wood becomes noble and velvet and has a lasting luminosity.

Winebed hat extended its portfolio by three new product lines:
Finest fine dining, high-quality chairs and tables, as well as innovative kitchen trolleys and cutting boards. All these products are purified with the excellent IRSA Oils.