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Sealed and oiled parquet and cork surfaces

Villa Planta, Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur, Graubünden Schweiz

Chur has become a place where things take place you have never seen before. In one of the most important Bündner buildings of the 19th century, the arthistorical and impressive parquet floors get a new glance due the water varnish system IRSA Platinum Rollgrund Plus with IRSA Platinum 3030 2C parquet water varnish ultra-mat + Hardener.

The costs for re-constructions, renovations and maintenace only for the Villa Planta (without re-construction) are amounting to CHF 5.3 Mio.

The renovation of the 731 m2 great historical Intarsia parquet floors was successfully carried out with the IRSA Platinum Water Varnish System.

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