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Sealed and oiled parquet and cork surfaces

The new Gürzenich stage in Cologne

Hence a surface protection system was sought for the Gürzenich stage, that shows absolutely no reflection from the stage lighting, that coats the existing wooden floor boards completely with deep black colour and that enables the well covered black matt surface of the stage to have local repairs done easily and quickly and at any time, as this is continually necessary due to the extreme wear and tear. Not least because no shiny surface film from maintenance products can be applied to the surface of the stage, on the contrary, it should only be cleaned.

The ultra matt, black covering, solvent based IRSA Stage and Photo-Studio Varnish offers an alternative solution. If a more environmentally friendly alternative is sought, then IRSA offers the products IRSA Basic Colour black (watery basis) with the follow-on treatment of IRSA Design Colour Oil black (for stages).