Spa hotel Bad Liebenzell

Sealed and oiled parquet and wood surfaces

Spa hotel Bad Liebenzell

New glamour in the coat of arms hall in the spa hotel Bad Liebenzell:

The 40 year old parquet flooring gets a black frieze and a new protective film IRSA PLATINUM 3010 silk matt 2C-Parquet flooring water-based varnish.

The beautiful parquet flooring was elaborately refurbished with particular manual finesse - a black frieze was created using IRSA Basic Colour.

Neatly mask off the partial area which is to be coloured with IRSA Basic Colour.

Apply IRSA Basic Colour with a small roller or brush.

After 12 hours drying time the IRSA Basic Colour black was varnished over using IRSA Platinum Roll-On Primer Plus. The rest of the surface was left untreated.

After 2 hours, once the primer was touch dry, the adhesive tape was carefully removed (in doing so the adhesive tape was pulled towards the middle of the colour stripe).

Finally the IRSA Platinum Roll-On Primer Plus was rolled quickly and evenly onto the entire surface.

After a further 2 hours drying time the entire area was varnished over, without an interim sanding, using IRSA Platinum 3010 silk matt 3x 120 g/m2: now a perfectly self-made marquetry stripe is complete.