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Sealed and oiled parquet and cork surfaces

NEW at IRSA! Colouring and sealing with the new IRSA Aqua Kork extra, mat

IRSA Platinum 2K Farben

New products and new colouring procedure for cork!

Colour cork with the new colours of IRSA Platinum 2C Öl-Grundierung and seal it with the new cork water varnish IRSA Aqua Kork extra, mat!

IRSA Platinum 2C Öl-Grundierung is not only suitable for wood but also for the coloured design of cork. IRSA Platinum 2C Öl-Grundierung is a two component high-solid oil combination of natural oils, linked and oxidatively drying by the addition of the 2C Öl-Härter (mixing ratio 10:1).


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