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Excerpt of our references

Sealed and oiled parquet and cork surfaces

From unpleasant yellow to elegant natural tones:

Old beech parquet of 150qm in the fashion house Wiedemann has up-dated itself with IRSA Platinum 2K Öl-Grundierung (IRSA 2C Oil Primer) (Special colour) and IRSA Platinum 2K 3030 ultra-mat (2C water-based water varnish)

Mode Wiedemann has established its fashion shop in this small town with 12,953 inhabitants since 1788. In the meantime, the yellow beech floor does not fit to the current thoughts regarding lifestyle, fashion and presentation.
The experience craftsmen Hubert Thalhofer from Deisenhausen carried out a competent work. He has 30 years working experience and has been self-employed for 12 years.

IRSA supported Hubert Thalhofer with many indvidually created colour versions. After presenting various oak wood patterns and beech wood patterns with different colours, Mr. Thalhofer was able to convince his customer to renovate – also to reduce the costs.

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