When an oil- and when a varnish-system?

Tips & Tricks: When an oil- and when a varnish-system?

Highly frequented floors should be impregnated, (e.g. oiled) or sealed with our highly abrasion-resistant 2-Components Water-Based Varnishes (IRSA Platinum 3010 2C water-based varnish silky mat, IRSA Platinum 3030 2C water-based varnish ultra mat, IRSA Platinum 3055 2C high gloss).

Anticipate increasingly edge-gluing for laying systems such as uprightsegment lamella-parquet, wooden pavement, floorboards, parquet with under floor-heating and sprung floors and on wood species with tendency to high swelling and shrinking (e.g. beech). As sealing agent, a synthetic resin sealant should be used (IRSA Holzsiegel 2010 VOC High Solid silky matt) for this purpose. Impregnating with IRSA Natura Hartöl or IRSA HP-Oil High-Protection represent the alternative to a sealing with IRSA Holzsiegel 2010 VOC High Solid. For decision making, optic and the personal taste play a decisive role next to the technical demands.

Achieve a natural warm glow of the wood with oil and/or wax. It highlightens the wood grains and emphasize the character of the natural material. Additionally positive influenced becomes the room climate due to unobstructed regulating dampness of the wood. Also important is the aspect of the later maintenance and cleaning. Oiled surfaces are open-pored. This may add up to a higher care requirement comparing to sealed floors.

On the other hand, damages in the parquet surface such as scratches and stains, raised by wear and tear become easier to repair on oiled floors. Partially mending on sealed surfaces is hardly possible. Generally the floor must be completely new sealed.