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Varnish-Technique for full size- and micro light gliders/aircraft: FLYING COLOURS

A complete coating-system for engine-driven aircraft, gliders or micro-light planes. It meets the highest quality standards and the most up-to-date standard in varnish technique. For you this means: top quality and durability - qualities on which you can always rely.

2C-Polyurethane varnish on DD-Basis (mixing ratio: 2:1 with IRSA DD-Special Hardener) for all types of wood, impregnated canvas, metal parts on glider, micro-light and engine driven sports aircraft. Available in the high-gloss colours white, black, ivory, light grey, chrome yellow, orange, blue, signal red (no RAL tones) as well as in colourless.

Colour Palette

For aircraft, gliders and micro-light planes. IRSA Adhesive-Varnish is used for the adhering of cotton and synthetic canvas. Recommended by the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics. The IRSA Adhesive-Varnish dries quickly, has good filling properties and is permanently elastic.

For aircraft, gliders and micro-lights. Ideal in combination IRSA DD-Varnish-Weatherproof. For the tautening of cotton and synthetic fabrics. The tension in the cloth is slightly increased due to contraction. The IRSA Dope Varnish serves as a base coat and seals all the hollow areas. The material is highly concentrated, secures the adhesion to all known materials and the adhesion of IRSA DD Weatherproof/Special Hardener. Has been used over a million times.

For more interest and further information our technical data sheets, brochures and instruction are available on request.

Covering of a fuselage

27. June 2016 from Herbert Kersten

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