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A beautiful, perfect floor can only be achieved using high quality materials and tools!

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IRSA Products and professional tools tested by experts

A beautiful oiled, sealed or in particular coloured surface can only be achieved however when the parquet, wood, cork, bamboo or other type of surface is perfectly sanded own and the IRSA products are applied with the correct tools.

Of course we only recommend products that have been tested and offer the type of quality which has convinced us ourselves.

Besides working equipment and machines we offer a comprehensive range of sanding products for the flooring and parquet layer.

The sanding products are made to meet the complete machine spectrum on offer on the market and for the most diverse applications:

High quality helps safe time and a lot of money

The best qualities for flooring sanding products are "zircon" and "carbon silicide".
With zircon an extremely high sanding rate is achieved using zirconia alumina in connection with a very solid polyester-reinforced base, which is suitable for extreme use. Using zircon saves a great deal of time. Floors can be prepared quicker for the surface finishing. For preparing the floor we offer sanding belts and velcro discs in zircon.

Our grid emery cloths for the IRSA one disc machines are made from silicon carbide.

Silicon carbide is heat resistant up to approx. 1600 °C and distinguishes itself through its hard sharp-edged crystals. One sanding grain mostly consists of only one or just a few crystals. It is harder and more brittle than zirconia alumina. Thermoplastic water-based varnishes can be just as easily sanded as raw wood.

Besides these high quality sanding products we naturally offer traditional, unbeatably economical abrasive products.

IRSA professional abrasives for all conventional parquet flooring machines

Traditional abrasives

unbeatably economical

  • convincing quality is achieved due to the use of tough cotton fibres as a base material and high quality synthetic resin binding agent.
  • perfect sanding finish and high durability as a result of the optimal distribution of the sanding particles.
  • unbeatable cost/performance ratio

Zirconia-Alumina sanding agent

high performance quality

  • polyester-reinforced base material provides exceptional stability
  • very high removal rate (even with little sanding pressure)
  • very high durability, low consumption

Sanding belts

Sanding belts traditional

200 x 750, cloth,
aluminium oxide (Traditional)


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Sanding belts zirconia-alumina

200 x 750, cloth


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Velcro sanding discs

Velcro sanding discs 150 mm

diameter: 150 mm / inner hole 8 mm, cloth


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Velcro sanding discs 180 mm

diameter: 180 mm / inner hole 22 mm, cloth


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Velcro sanding discs zirconia-alumina 150 mm

diameter: 150 mm, cloth 



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Velcro sanding discs zirconia-alumina 180 mm

diameter: 180 mm, cloth



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Velcro sanding discs 150 mm, 9 hole,

diameter: 150 mm, 9 hole, paper
aluminium oxide (Traditional)



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Velcro sanding discs 200 mm

Diameter: 200 mm, cloth



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Double sanding discs

Double sanding discs 406 mm, inner hole 40 mm

diameter: 406 mm, inner hole 40 mm, cloth



Sanding grids

Sanding grids 406 mm

diameter: 406 mm,
carbon silicide



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Normal pads, super pads & hand pads

Normal pads, super pads, hand pads

IRSA Pads and their uses:
white = to polish/maintain waxed surfaces
beige = to treat oiled/to clean waxed surfaces
green = to remove wax layers/cleaning

Achieving beautiful surfaces with professional tools

Professional application equipment

Using the IRSA Professional Brush, surfaces such as floor board elements can be oiled efficiently on all sides.

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Rapid Spatula

The rust-free Rapid Spatula with its rounded edges is best to use for filling/smoothing e.g. watery varnishes.

Varnishes containing solvent and also oils are ideally applied using the IRSA Mohair Roller. The sealing roller is 25 cm wide and made of pure goats hair.
Suitable for 8 mm arm.

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Hard Oil Wiper

With the Hard Oil Wiper excess oil can be removed easily and quickly.

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IRSA Blitzboy & accessories

IRSA Blitzboy & accessories

Universal IRSA cleaning and maintenance appliance for all types of flooring:
IRSA BLITZBOY is excellently suited as a tool for the cleaning and maintenance of all varnished, water-proofed and/or oiled or waxed surfaces, for applying IRSA products and for polishing.

Due to the velcro strips on the underside of the IRSA Blitzboy different pads can be affixed quickly. The oil cloths and/or the special long-life IRSA Mopping Cloth (no abrasive microfibers) can be fixed easily by tucking them in on the upper side.


with green Pad
for the cleaning and removal of very dirty wax layers
with beige Pad for the application of IRSA Natura Hard Wax and/or IRSA Oils (e.g. IRSA Maintenance Oil) and for the cleaning and removal of moderately dirty surfaces
with white Pad
to polish up IRSA Natura Hard Wax and as a base pad for the daily routine maintenance cleaning with IRSA Oil or Mopping Cloth
IRSA Oil Cloths
pre-oiled cloths to remove dust and to clean and maintain oiled surfaces
IRSA Mopping Cloth
for varnished surfaces to carry out daily routine moist mopping and maintenance with e.g. IRSA Aqua Star, IRSA Cork Clean, IRSA Aqua Star R9
for waterproofed surfaces with IRSA Soap Cleaner and IRSA Care Milk for varnished and water-proofed surfaces for basic cleaning
The mopping cloth can be washed up to 500 times at 95 °C

In addition to the IRSA Maintenance instructions we also offer, free of charge, a certificate of quality „Floor Protection-Pass"


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These professional parquet floor machines ensure perfect surfaces

BSM 750S

The belt sanding machine BSM 750 S is convincing because of its ideal sanding quality and tremendous power output.

Thanks to its heavy weight and powerful motor this parquet flooring machine guarantees an efficient operation method. The long-lasting technology ensures high cost effectiveness. The continuous rolling pressure control, the robust sanding roller, which combine powerful work with high engine smoothness, as well as the automatic belt centering device facilitate ideal sanding results The innovative automatic motor start-up guarantees that the motor starts even under critical electrical conditions.

When working in the vicinity of walls or skirting boards the variable distance piece prevents that these get damaged by the band sanding machine. The parquet flooring machine BSM 750 S can be dismantled easily into three parts so that transportation is simplified

Single phase-AC current motor
Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Input: 2.500 W
Sanding roller revs:approx. 2.000revs/min
Sanding roller width: 200 mm
Sanding belt length: 750 mm
Weight: 85 kg

BSM 750E

Single phase AC current motor
Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Input: 2.200 W
Sanding roller revs: approx. 2.400 revs/min
Sanding roller width: 200 mm
Sanding belt length: 750 mm
Weight: 67 kg

Description otherwise as BSM 750S.

RSM 150

The edge sanding machine RSM 150 is the ideal addition to the belt sanding machine in the BSM 750-series. Due to its handy size it is particularly suited for sanding edges, corners and steps. The RSM 150 is suitable for screw-on or velcro sanding discs which can be simply and quickly changed.

The parquet flooring machine has a robust motor and an excellent integrated dust extraction to limit dust while working. Using the optional long attachment, work in tricky to reach areas e.g. under radiators, is possible. Thanks to the freely swivelling vacuum tube on the edge sanding machine even working in very tight conditions is not hindered by the dust sack.

Single phase AC current motor
Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Input: 920 W
Sanding plate revs: approx. 3.400 revs/min
Sanding plate diameter: 150 mm
Attachment short: 377 mm (in scope of supply)
Attachment long: 481 mm
Weight: 10 kg

ESM 406

The one disc sanding machine ESM 406 stands for the best sanding quality for the simplest, most comfortable handling. The solid body and the long-life, strong motor enable efficient working - from the removal of adhesive remains and from the sanding of filler or concrete ,over the fine sanding and interim sanding of varnish right up to the application of oils.

Due to the additional weight included in the scope of supply, the sanding pressure can be individually adjusted so that the very best sanded surface can be achieved. Hence the parquet flooring sanding machine IRSA ESM 406 can also be utilized for difficult flooring. The adjustable handle makes it possible to adjust the one disc sanding machine to suit the height of the person using it and the integrated safety switch prevents the machine from being switched on accidently.

Single phase AC current motor
Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Input: 1.200 W
Sanding plate revs under load: approx. 150 revs/min
Sanding plate diameter: 406 mm
Machine weight: 32 kg
Additional weight: 12,5 kg
Turning plate for sanding discs
Turning plate for sanding pads
Turning plate for velcro sanding discs

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