IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH


Traditional Sealants

For certain types of wood and floorings or if the surface is subject to heavy wear, then seals which contain solvents should be used and which are ideally suitable for hard woods, soft woods or exotic woods.

We have selected a few products from our broad range. 

The IRSA varnishes containing solvents:

IRSA Varnish 2001 VOC 2010

is a 2-component polyurethane seal in silk matt finish. Mixing ratio 1:1 with hardener 2001. For the highest degree of durability and chemical resistance IRSA 2001 VOC should be applied.

For very heavy duty mechanical load and chemical resistance.

Coverage for the base coat is between 80-100 g/m² and for each top coat at least 2x 130 g/m² respectively. For application with a roller method, we recommend the use of IRSA mohair rollers.

Final hardness is obtained after 10 days (at 20°C and 55% relative humidity)

Examples of application: Parquet floors in offices, medical surgeries, stairs, restaurants and public buildings, or when a 2C Platinum water-based varnish can not be applied.

Further details can be found in our Technical Data Sheets, (download or available from us on request).