IRSA LYE is a ready to use one component lye solution.

Available colours: colourless, white, sand, antique, light grey and dark grey

IRSA Lye is well suitable for non yellowed or well sanded oak or soft wood (pine wood) in interior areas. Ideal for wooden flooring, floorboards, stairs, wall and ceiling panelling, furniture, glued wood tiles etc. It can be efficiently applied over large areas using special tooling (not metal objects) to achieve a lye appearance.

IRSA LYE emphasises the natural wood grain, has a short development time, and is odourless.

For the professional end treatment of soft wood surfaces treated with lye, the following tried and tested products are available, depending on the demands of wear and tear: IRSA HP-Oil, IRSA Design Colour Oil white, IRSA Soap Cleaner, IRSA Industry Hard Oil.

If the surface appears to be too rough, eventually finish the oiled floor with green pad and One Disc Sanding Machine.

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