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Ready to use
Colours: Colourless, white, sand, antique, light grey and dark grey

Here shown colors are applied on oak.

For non yellowed or well sanded oak or soft wood (pine wood) in interior areas. Ideal for wooden flooring, floorboards, stairs, wall and ceiling panelling, furniture, glued wood tiles etc. It can be efficiently applied over large areas using special tooling (not metal objects) to achieve a lye appearance.

IRSA LYE emphasizes the natural wood grain, has a short development time, and is odorless.
For the professional end treatment of soft wood surfaces treated with lye, the following tried and tested products are available, depending on the demands of wear and tear: IRSA HP-Oil, IRSA Design Colour Oil white, IRSA Soap Cleaner, IRSA Industry Hard Oil.

120-150 ml/m2 per coating, for wood-block paving 3 - 4 times the quantity.

The raw wood should be finely sanded, clean, dry, dust and grease free (possibly degreased using IRSA G88).
A 120/150 grid sanding disc is recommended for the sanding process. Any resin patches should be brushed out in advance using IRSA G88 by brushing in the direction of the natural grain. Prior to use, the lye should be vigorously stirred and shaken in the container and then half the mixture poured into a plastic pot. Apply a sample patch!
Vigorously stir and shake up the remaining mixture in the container and then also pour it into the plastic pot. Next stir it evenly in the plastic pot. Use only tools which are lye resistant. Brush or roll the lye evenly onto the surface until it is fully swimming in the mixture. Stir up the lye in the container at regular intervals. Any dry patches that appear on the surface should be immediately retreated until at the end an even layer remains on the surface. Wall and ceiling panelling should be treated with the lye and then subsequent after treatment carried out before mounting! After the drying period (at least 24 hours) any dry chalk dust on the surface should be polished in using a beige pad. Observe a drying period of 1 day before applying the IRSA Soap Cleaner, or 3 days before continuing to apply other IRSA products (the maximum amount of moisture in the wood by an oil treatment should not exceed 14%). Tools must be cleaned thoroughly with water immediately after use.

Cool, but frost free. Will keep for 1 year if the container has not been opened. If a container has been opened then it should be poured into a smaller, suitable container, which is air tight, and then used up as soon as possible.

Has varying effects on different surfaces. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to make test coats. Any soft wood that is already yellowed must be thoroughly sanded or bleached before the treatment. Yellowed soft wood will not be lightened using this treatment! Do not let children come into contact with this product. Can cause allergic reactions.
While handling the lye it is absolutely necessary to wear appropriate protective equipment (e.g. protective glasses, rubber gloves).

For further informations please see our safety indications and ingredients in our Technical Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet at and on our labels.