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IRSA Industrial Hard Oil High Solid for machine use

IRSA Industrial products – machine use

IRSA Industrial Hard Oil – High Solid
Colourless and coloured for parquet flooring and wooden surfaces.

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Colours: wenge, black, light grey, colourless, pine, red-brown

Colours: walnut, light oak, dark grey, white, cognac/cherry

This solvent free, environmentally compatible oil is universally applicable for all hard wood, soft wood or exotic wood used for interior fittings which experience normal to exceedingly heavy wear and tear e.g. parquet flooring blocks, prefabricated parquet, wooden floor boards and working surfaces. The product can be sprayed on or applied using a roller coater machine. Immediately after application (depending on the absorptive capacity of the wood maximum consumption 12 g/m²) the product is distributed with a brush (leather/sisal). Afterwards the pieces of wood are immediately ready for packaging – no interim storage on storage trolleys!

Cleaning and simultaneous maintenance at the end of production is carried out using IRSA Care Oil:

The dirt is removed and an oil finish is applied. Alternatively, or additionally, Natura Hard Wax can be applied. Subsequent care and cleaning is done using IRSA Care Oil or IRSA Care Milk and IRSA Soap Cleaner.

Re-oiling, also of the coloured surfaces, later on can be carried out using the coloured IRSA Design Colour Oil, which is compatible with the Industrial Hard Oil. Colourless surfaces can be re-oiled and brightened using IRSA HP-Oil, High-Protection.
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