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IRSA - Care Sets in 10 Languages

IRSA - Care Sets in 10 Languages

It is not only in times of crisis that conserving the value of "what one has" is so important.

We are offering new, manageable IRSA Care Sets with compatible IRSA products and maintenance instructions.

A floor that has been so beautifully crafted will obtain long durability with correct and professional care and cleaning.

Easy to understand care instructions are enclosed with the set and give quick information on how to apply the IRSA care products professionally.

The IRSA Care sets are perfectly coordinated with the relevant maintenance requirements.

These IRSA Care Sets are available for:

  • oiled, non-waxed flooring (IRSA Care Oil with oil impregnated oil cloths)
  • oiled and/or waxed flooring (IRSA Soap Cleaner and IRSA Care Milk)
  • manually sealed silk matt to glossy finish parquet flooring
    (IRSA Aqua Star and Basic Cleaner IRSA G 88)
  • prefabricated parquet flooring, manually sealed matt and oiled flooring (IRSA Aqua Star R 9 and Basic Cleaner IRSA G 88)
  • sealed cork flooring (IRSA Aqua Cork Clean and Basic Cleaner IRSA G88)
  • factory-sealed prefabricated parquet flooring
    (IRSA Aqua Clean and Basic Cleaner IRSA G 88).