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Parquet care

In order to guarantee the preservation of value and the optical effect of the parquet or wooden floor in the long term, a suitable care product is required that can and should meet chemical, mechanical or optical requirements. IRSA recommends the appropriate IRSA care or cleaning agent for the sealing or (oil) impregnation. IRSA does not assume any warranty for third-party products.

Care products protect surfaces from mechanical or chemical influences, improve the appearance of the covering, extend the service life of the corresponding surface protection and facilitate subsequent cleaning. The use of care products creates a film which additionally protects the floor. Depending on the amount and type of care product applied (e.g. depending on the binder used), a more or less strong gloss effect is produced.

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Combined cleaning and care products combine cleaning and care effects. Over time, a lower film builds up than with care products with a higher solid content.
A care oil is a special variant for the cleaning and care of oiled wood surfaces. With oiled floors the wood pore is "filled" by care oil, a very small care film is applied, which protects the surface against dirt and humidity.

In the case of floors that are re-grown, the degree of slip resistance can be adjusted by the type of wax raw materials added to the hard wax.

A fog-moist care and cleaning means that the floor must be completely dry after three to five minutes. Wring out the cloth very well; it must no longer drip.

In a nutshell: For the care and cleaning of sealed or oiled/waxed floors, care products or combined cleaning and care products should be used. The exclusive use of cleaners cannot sufficiently protect sealed or impregnated surfaces.

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The care of sealed surfaces:
Full care: The care product is applied undiluted and evenly as initial care (before the parquet is used for the first time) or when the care film is to be renewed (uniform gloss on the entire surface), or the full care is carried out after each basic cleaning. Product examples: IRSA Aqua Star, IRSA Aqua Star GW, IRSA Cork Clean

Maintenance care/intermediate care: For regular care, only add a small amount of care product (min. 20 ml to max. 100 ml per 10 litres of water) to the mopping water. Product examples: IRSA Aqua Star, IRSA Aqua Star R 9, IRSA Cork Clean, IRSA Aqua Clean

The care of factory-sealed pre-finished parquet:In order to avoid possible removal of the care product from the finished parquet, which explicitly only use care offered for finished parquet, or which carry out the suitable care only as wipe care (i.e. the care product diluted in clean wiping water). Product examples: IRSA Aqua Star R 9, IRSA Cork Clean, IRSA Aqua Clean

Useful information for the care of surfaces where slip resistance and slip resistance are required:
In the "parquet" trade, the assessment of sliding behaviour in accordance with the regulations of DIN 18032 Part 2 is still used - a coefficient of sliding friction of 0.4 to 0.6 μ is required.
The relationship between sliding behaviour and care in public buildings and sports facilities is particularly demanded by the sealant and the care product with regard to the sliding safety of the wooden floor. According to DIN 18032, part 2, a certain coefficient of sliding friction is prescribed - the value must be between 0.4-0.6 μ .
The sealant and the care product (which must not change the sliding friction value of the sealant upwards or downwards) should have a sliding friction value of 0.4-0.6 μ . A corresponding test certificate (for sealing and care) should be available. A test certificate is available for IRSA Wood Seal 2010 VOC High Solid in combination with IRSA Aqua Star R9.
The floor should always be properly cared for with the appropriate care product - so the floor cannot become too smooth.

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