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All information concerning our product range on the internet has been carefully checked. We continually strive to increase and up-date this information. However we accept no guarantee for the completeness, accuracy and latest update of the data. The same applies to all other websites referred to by hyperlink. The company IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH is not responsible for the content of websites which are reached on the grounds of such links. We also have no influence when third persons install links from their websites to our website. The existence of such links is no indication of collaboration with this company or a recommendation of their products.  Liability claims brought about by using our internet offer are excluded provided we have not acted with intent or gross negligence. Furthermore, the company IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH reserves the right to modify, change or increase the information already available.

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We are currently noticing uncertainty and certain distrust amongst internet-users being concerned as to whether or not and which individual-related data will be acquired, saved, processed and possibly forwarded. We would therefore like to inform you herewith about the online-data protection by IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH: when you access this website, all access information (date, time, open web page) will be saved on our server. This data exclusively serves statistical purposes. Analyses are only carried out in anonymous form. When you send us an Email or subscribe to our newsletter, your Email address and all other personal data will be exclusively used for individual correspondence with you.  IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH assures you that your details will be used exclusively by us and will be in treated in confidence and in accordance with the relevant legal requirements.

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