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IRSA Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH


Lion and Rhombus – the new CSU canteen in Munich with 250m2 wide fabric lamella in smoked oak was sanded and oiled with IRSA 2C HP-Plus Oil, colourless, by B&B Parkett and Fußbodentechnik (Parquet and Floor Technology)

CSU Kantine München

IRSA 2C HP-Plus Oil with IRSA Hardener 2C HP-Plus (10:1, tested in accordance with anti-slip class R10/DIN 51130) is used for parquet and wood floors, for bamboo, cork and OSB boards and is available in colourless, light sand, black, dark grey, light grey, white, wenge and other colours.

Quick drying allows to perform renovations in extremely stressed areas (restaurant area, hotels, premises, offices, etc.) within a short time - without limitations of the mechanical and chemical stresseability (24 hours drying time). The surface oiled in such a way has open pores, is diffusible and resistant against household chemicals. The colour and structure of the wood is emphasized. However, an unpleasant yellowing does not occur. A long and effective maintenance of the area is given by follow-up oiling (as no film formation of the oil occurs on the floor surface).

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